Ah wha’ Seaga mean by “the society”?

Today, Annie Paul updated her status as such: “The society continues blatantly to provide privileges for the rich and penalties for the poor. Mr. Seaga. SALISES 50/50 PM Reflections series.”

My response below:

‎”The society”?

The last time I checked “the society” that he is referring to was composed of people (old, young, women, men etc.) who live together in an unequal structure that assigns worth to each person based on attributes like say, whether they speak English or patwa, their skin color and family name, who they are married to, which part of jamaica they live, how much education they claim to have, who they are friends with, etc.

institutions (like a dysfunctional & corrupt gov’t; bureaucratized, mismanaged & unequal education system run by people who get their jobs for reasons other than expertise in education; ditto economy, and which is designed to funnel resources towards kingston and upward to business & corporations with particularly cosy relationships with gov’t, and situates poor people as simultaneously the detritus and their “last chance”; religion where women are still 2nd class citizens, and where poor people are systematically taught to look to death and heaven – not themselves as a group – as a solution to their problems, where blackness is a form of suffering and punishment, etc….)…

practices (maybe like nepotism, class politics/warfare, masculine & autocratic styles of leadership, ill-thought and idiosyncratic policies that create more problems than they appear to be solving; benign and salutary neglect of issues and environs that [primarily] affect poor people; class biases built into mainstream media that the elite consistently uses to represent itself as innocent bystanders and accidental beneficiaries rather than as part of the problem, etc. etc.)….

and norms (like the assumption that what any brown or elite person, especially men, have to say on a topic, is intrinsically of value, even if the topic is one they know nothing about; when any member of the elite speaks – whether at a party, in a newspaper column, at an event designed to feature their opinions and accomplishments, etc. – you ought to listen attentively, nod, smile and acquiesce; if you do otherwise, you can expect to be called ungrateful, red-yeye, ignorant and that most damning “out of order” and firmly put in your place; when poor people speak, it is a form of assault, must be treated as a form of crude entertainment and trenchant critique, even if they are speaking from a position of knowledge about their own lives; if one has any credentials, they must be spelled out letter by letter at every available opportunity to inform everyone how said person ought to be treated – no letters, you’re not smaddy, therefore, no phone calls returned, no access to a bathroom, no appointments possible, etc. )…

So, which part of what was he talking about? KMT


mi jus tiyad a it. I am truly sick and tiyad of people flingin jargon about and pretending that they are actually engaging in any serious discussion.  Even if what hes saying seems legitimate, it cannot stand once you stop ignoring HIS complicity and posturing as a politician, a member of the elite, and someone who has enormous amounts of informal/symbolic power.  Seh supm new, meaningful or move one side an mek smaddy else taak.


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