About Me

I hail from Jamaica via England.  I live in the Midwest via Michigan, New York and Nebraska with my family.

I research and write mostly about Jamaica, sexuality and social policy, queer politics, and immigration.

I am skeptical about most things.  I generally locate myself somewhere in the materialist anti-colonial, anti-fundamentalist, anti-racist, pro-environment, radical democratic feminist camp.  I am not a fan of nationalism either.   You will have to read my posts to figure out what all that means.

I am beginning to embrace my love for visual art – as a language, a methodology, a tool, a response – so I’m looking to see where that will take me.  I have lots of hobbies – all of them to do with making stuff: knitting, wire jewelry, book arts.

I really believe I should have been born at least 20 years earlier, because by this time, my comadres and I would have made a much bigger dent in setting right the injustices that are still lurking around now.  So, all that means is that I’m writing with a mission: to sort out what I think, what I believe, what compromises I’m willing to make, what I am committed to changing, and building allies along the way.  I can’t change the world by myself now, can I?


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